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How a Janitor Invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Became an Exec at Pepsico

This is the story of Richard Montanez, creator of "Flamin' Hot Cheetos.


Samuel Colt: The Birth Of The Revolver (b. 1814)

There’s an Old West adage that goes something like this: “God Created Man—And Abe Lincoln Freed Them, But Sam Colt Made Them Equal!” Samuel Colt’s life is the American story written in capital letters. On this day in 1814 Samuel Colt was born. [Photo above (L) is Josey Wales (Clint Eastwood) with two Colt Walker 1847 revolvers. Samuel Colt is on the right.]


A Brief History in Air Conditioning

Willis Carrier invented the first electrical air conditioning unit in 1902, but it would be decades before homes across America would be equipped with this life saving luxury.


A Grave Escape

As if spending the night in a funeral parlor wasn't scary enough! Tom Ryan brings us a chilling tale from the family funeral parlor.


A Worship Band and a Brothel: The Story of "God of this City"

This is the story of how a song was birthed when worship band (Bluetree) on a mission trip to Thailand ended up playing an impromptu gig at a brothel in an area considered the world's go-to destination for sex tourists. And what happens when the man TIME magazine calls the "most often sung artist anywhere" gets ahold of it?

OAS Alexa Skill


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