Our American Stories


A Generation of Hard Workers Leaving: A Daughter's Tribute to Her Father

Our hometown paper the Oxford Eagle featured this moving tribute from Angela Williams on closing of her father's plant.


Jesse's Shower Thoughts (4th Installment)

They just keeping stranger, they just keep getting better. 


Wendy's Wonderful Kids: Making Unadoptable Unacceptable

For the hour we dive into Wendy's founder Dave Thomas' story and his foundation's work to target the foster care children who have been deemed the hardest to adopt and defy the odds, finding them a forever home.


Tom Wolfe, Steve Jobs, Denzel Washington's Commencement

Best-selling author Tom Wolfe, Apple founder Steve Jobs, and actor Denzel Washington give these excellent commencement addresses.


The Miles Davis Story

We tell the story of this American jazz musician, bandleader, and composer.

The Water Cooler

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