Our American Stories


Making "Mary Poppins"

Whether you’ve seen the 2013 period drama “Saving Mr. Banks,” starring Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks as filmmaker Walt Disney or not, we thought we’d kick it up a notch and hear from the people who were actually there.


Story Of A Song: Amazing Grace

The story of America's most popular hymn, Amazing Grace, actually didn't come from America. It's the life story of English slave trader John Newton.


70 and Beating 20-Year-Olds!

Kathleen Broder has raced in about 50 triathlons. Hear how her obsession got started.


The Michael Vick Story

Like his spectacular passes and jaw-dropping runs, Michael Vick’s path of redemption seemed endless. His life was a dance between triumph and trouble—on and off the field. This 4-time NFL Pro Bowl quarterback was the most thrilling player of a generation—who became the most reviled. Hear Michael Vick tell his own story!


Story of a Song: Paul Simon's "Graceland"

Paul Simon tells the story of his hit single "Graceland" that deals with his thoughts during a road trip to Graceland after the failure of his marriage. 

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