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Coss Marte: Drug Kingpin Turned Personal Trainer

By age 19 Coss Marte was making $2 million a year as a drug kingpin, today, he's got a story of redemption.


Random Acts Of Kindness: Bikers Vs. School Bullies

Audrianna was bullied at school for being somewhat of a tom-boy, Punishers motorcycle club in Toledo, Ohio stepped up. We are joined by Audrianna, her mother and Daniel Bushey the club leader.


Why No Mandated Car Seats For Flights?

Where's the government regulation? Stan reports and tells us why there's no mandate.


Burning Question: Can Kissing Your Dog Make You Sick?

Wall Street Journal's Heidi Mitchell asks and answers this pressing question.


Off Mic: On Food...Ratios Are EVERYTHING!

The guys are off mic again and this time discussing how all great food (read: burgers and PB&J) must have the correct ratios. Hengler also has them sample what he considers the best apple in the world...they react.