Our American Stories


How Bad To The Bone? The George Thorogood Story

On this day in history the Delaware Destroyer was born in 1950. 


Meet the Reality-Distorting Perfectionist who Revolutionized Our Lives

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, was born on This Day in History. We hear from his biographer Walter Isaacson and Steve Jobs himself on what made this odd genius tick.


What Happens When Kids Don’t Sleep Well?

Our parent coach Dr. Rose tell us about a kid who was causing mayhem because he couldn’t sleep well... She turned his life around, and offers you tips for helping your kids sleep well from day one.


Johnny Winter


Who Raises 2,000 Unwanted Children?

We talk to John and Brodie Croyle, father and son who run the Big Oak Ranch, a Christian home for children needing a chance. Hear how John went from being a college football star, to a father to children whose own parents couldn’t or wouldn’t.