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"The Truck Driver Who Lived In A Commune (Kibbutz)"

And whose family fled a Jewish ghetto in Russia. The incredible life story of Col. Jennifer Pritzker!


The Soviets Crushed Their Careers...Then They Came to America

How the "Rule of Law" silently saved the careers of two of the 20th century's great musicians, Vladimir Horowitz and Slava Rostropovich.


Before Mary Kay There Was Madam CJ Walker

The life story of Madam CJ Walker the first American female to become a millionaire.


Indians, Nature, And A Bear: Jedediah Smith, Stuff Of Legend

Just decades following the signing of the U.S. Constitution in 1787, trailblazers called “mountain men” headed west. These adventurers gave rise to new American heroes…and new enemies. But these struggles and battles will forge the American character that will transform a colony into a country. Jedediah Smith is one of the few legends who made this transformation possible.


The Man Who Defined American Fashion

For this American Dreamers episode, we bring you the story of a boy from The Bronx who would create one of the most iconic brands in American history.

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