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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at HP and Apple

Meet Richard Jordan, a Product Design Engineer who worked for HP at its height, and worked for Apple during its rise.


Chicken Soup: Power Of A Son's Kiss

Michael Rusiniak Reads his dad's story from Chicken Soup For The Father And Son Soul.


The Kids Who Remade "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"

Why did a bunch of kids in Mississippi remake this 80's classic film scene-by-scene in what has been called the best fan-film ever made? They were just kids having fun.


The Man Who Invented Aerobics

Do you exercise? Has anyone ever told you to exercise? Either way, you have a modern medical pioneer to thank for that, Dr. Ken Cooper, the Father of Aerobics.



Hear this powerful testimony of forgiveness given by Rob Corbin before the congregation of Temple Beth Shalom in Sun City, Arizona.

OAS Alexa Skill


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