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Cancer, An Amputation...And Still Playing Sports?!

Andrew McCaffrey shares about his diagnosis with Osteosarcoma. After relapsing 3 times and having multiple surgeries, Andrew hasn't given up hope or his sports activities.


Marriage on the Mind: Mommy Vacations and The Calling to Foster

This week we hear from IBelieveinLove.com contributor Carrie Schmitt and her piece "What I Learned On My Mommy Vacation", and for National Foster Care Month we also hear from one couple and how they processed through the calling to become foster care parents. 


Finding the Right Job for You!

Hear American business executive Jack Welch give some helpful advice on how to excel in the work place.


Why Would 6 Frat Boys Carry A Student With Cerebral Palsy Up A Mountain?

Why would 6 fraternity brothers from the University of Central Arkansas take turns giving piggy back rides to DeAsia Romes (who suffers from Cerebral Palsy) to the top of a mountain? We speak with DeAsia and fraternity brother, Benjy Richards.


Why Am I Different?

Even as a young boy Jonathan Puckett wasn't sure where he belonged... so he turned to genealogy. From the third grade to now as a member of the Honors College at the University of Southern Mississippi, Jonathan has found over 27,000 family stories.

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