Our American Stories


The Secret Strength of The West

Historian Victor David Hanson shared this secret at a time when our nation especially needed to hear it—4 days after 9/11


The Godmother Of Rock N' Roll: Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Meet the woman who brought the soulful sounds of gospel music into the mainstream and inspired greats like Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley.


Startup Sets Up People To Eat With...Strangers!

The Israeli startup EatWith is the "Uber" of dinner parties, connecting folks who love to cook and host with adventuresome souls out for new experiences, new cuisine, and potentially new friends---and all in the comfort of a stranger's home. We interview their Global Chief Operating Officer, Noam Klinger.


Who Says Women Need To Be Thin?

Mimi shares the story of her struggle with an eating disorder, how she has overcome and continues to move forward.


She Raised Four Children On Her Own!

Violet shares what her life was like as a single mother.

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