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The Guy Who Shows Up When Disaster Strikes

And his God that leads him there. For our Coming Together series, we talk with philanthropist Foster Friess about a tornado that devastated a mobile home park, and also the unlikely friendship between a lesbian and evangelical leader.


"If I Sell Johnsonville, I'm Going to Hell"

Johnsonville Sausage founder Ralph Stayer on why his business was broken (himself), and how they transformed it into the moral enterprise that YOU WILL want to go work for.


General Peter Pace's Citidel Commencement Address

The top U.S. military general delivered this great speech to members of The Citadel's graduating class.


Secretariat: More Than A Horse?

On paper, he wasn’t perfect, losing five of his 21 races, as if to say…I’m only human.


Bernie Moreno: The 14-Year-Old Who Told GM Chair That He'd Have His Job

For our American Dreamers series, we interview the owner of the largest luxury dealership chain in the Midwest and hear about why his Colombian family immigrated to America and the unique culture he's cultivated that's driven their success. 

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Calling Good People

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