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Jim Thorpe: Native American, All-American (Died 1953)

Jim Thorpe is regarded as the greatest athlete in the history of sports. He died in 1953 on this day in history.


The Impact of Golfers on a Young Caddy: "I Too, Could Be Like Them"

For our American Dreamers series, our own Alex Cortes sat down with options trading legend Tony Saliba to discuss where it all started for him---his parents and caddying.


The Guy Who Left His Prestigious Law Firm to Become a Division III Football Coach

For our Turning Point series, we talk with Bill Bachman on why in the world he left his highly-paid law partnership to become the defensive coordinator at Catholic University.


You've Never Been to a Coffee Shop Like This!

Hear Lee talk with the founder of Bitty and Beau's coffee, a coffee shop that employs people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Steve and Mrs. Goldberg on Unbelievable Shark Tank Pitches

You know Steve Goldberg from all the stories and daydreams we’ve done with him… Now we’re joined by this one-of-a-kind sociology professor and his wife to talk about Shark Tank Pitches including a urination golf club, cat drawings, and brain implants!

Video of the Day

Little Girl's Heart-melting Reaction to Soldier-Daddy's Surprise Homecoming


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