Our American Stories


Paul Revere's Ride

In this dramatic reading, American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow immortalized Old North Church and Paul Revere in American folklore and cemented their place in American history.


The True Story Behind Our Halloween Traditions

Americans are expected to spend over $9-billion dollars this year on Halloween, making it the second biggest commercial holiday—behind only Christmas. Today we are going to bring to light the stories that have been hiding in the dark. Answering the question: Why do we do these strange things every Halloween?


Jesse James: Bandit, Confederate, Murderer, Hero

After a century and a half, the notorious train and bank robber Jesse James remains one of the most iconic and romanticized figures in American history. Although separating fact from fiction can be quite a task, we’ve brought in America's best storyteller of the Old West. Roger McGrath is the author of Gunfighters Highwaymen and Vigilantes.


A Listener Surprises Connie Francis

Over 50 years after he met the famous singer in Vietnam!


The Farmer Who Fought His Government

After they seized $63,000 from his bank account...without charging him with a crime.

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