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The Arnold Palmer Story (d. 2016)

We take a look at the the man who is adored by fans as much as his competition. Arnold Palmer not only fashioned his own drink but is responsible for what golf has become today. He died on this day in 2016.


The Shel Silverstein Story: From "The Giving Tree" to "A Boy Named Sue" (b. 1930)

We all know Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree," but did you know he wrote some of the most famous American country songs? This is one unforgetable story!


America's Favorite Stapler

Hear how writer/director Mike Judge created the most famous stapler for the movie Office Space, that almost never was.


The Bucky Dent Game: One Baseball Fan's Unbelievably Lucky Day

Many baseball fans call this one-game extension in 1978 one of the greatest games in baseball history, but John Wolf, a listener from Boston, calls it the best day ever.


The Pistol-Packin' Railroad Conductor: Harriet "Moses" Tubman

Harriet Tubman's story is a story about love, family, faith, and freedom.

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