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Harley and the Davidsons: How A Bicycle Became A Hog (Bill D. d. 1937)

Today we are going to tell you the incredible story of how Harley and the Davidson brothers created one of the greatest American icons in the world. On this day in 1937 William Davidson died. [PICTURE L-R: Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson, William Harley and William Davidson.]


Imagine Freshman Year of College Being...FREE!!

Well, this doesn't have to be in your imagination. For our "On Leadership" series, our own Alex Cortes talks with Steve Klinsky, the guy who's offering this opportunity to every...single...American!


P.T. Barnum: The TRUE Story Of The REAL Greatest Showman

Not only is this tremendous and stupendous story about P.T. Barnum MORE entertaining AND interesting than Hugh Jackman's wonderful movie The Greatest Showman, but it's ALL true. (Alternative headline: "Why We Do These Things Today!")


Meet The PRIVATE Union Boss...With a PUBLIC Pension!

Steve Cook, the President of the Michigan Education Association, hit the jackpot by spiking his pension on the backs of Michigan taxpayers AND has a never-ending contract.


The Shel Silverstein Story: From "The Giving Tree" to "A Boy Named Sue"

We all know Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree," but did you know he wrote some of the most famous American country songs? This is one unforgetable story!

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