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Jesse's "This Week In Music History" (Dec. 10-16)

Sinatra, Beach Boys, Floyd, Hendrix, Nirvana, ZZ Top, and more!


The Green Beret That Other Green Berets Look Up To

Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez is a legend among legends. In six hours he saved 8-plus men while enduring 7 major gunshot wounds, 28 shrapnel wounds, and major bayonet slash wounds. Hear his Medal of Honor story from President Reagan... and the man himself.


Story Of A Song: "Riders On The Storm"

The Doors band member Ray Manzarek sits next to his Rhodes keyboard and shares the story behind the eerily-masterful song, "Riders on the Storm."


You Don't Know George Washington Until You've Heard His Story! (d. 1799)

We celebrate the day of Washington's passing by telling the story of our greatest American president.


Judge Judy: Case Of The Deadbeat Dad

This weeks Judge Judy is the case of the deadbeat dad, Thomas Dejana and his former girlfriend Bonnie Stang.

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