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Uncle Nearest: The Ex-Slave Who Taught Jack Daniel About Whiskey

The story of an unlikely friendship in the Antebellum south that’s at the heart of a household name, the legacy it left on a town, and a new Tennessee whiskey that commemorates it all!


Gold Rush Queen: Nellie Cashman

Relatively few women went with the initial stampedes to new mineral discoveries throughout the American frontiers. None went unescorted to so many remote, perilous places as Nellie Cashman, or persisted until they were pushing age 80, as Nellie did. This is her story as told to us by America's best Old West storyteller, Roger McGrath, author of Gunfighters, Highwaymen, and Vigilantes: Violence on the Frontier. Contributers are Jane Baker and Marshall Trimble.


Behind The Curtain: The Johnny Carson Story (d. 2005)

For 30-years Johnny Carson hosted the "Tonight Show." We take a look at his life and why he and his show were so special and unique. Comedians, actors, and famous entertainers reflect on this man's life and why he was so cherished by the American people. On this day in 2005, Johnny Carson passed.


Who Will This Be To Me?

Betsy Graziani Fasbinder reads an excerpt from her book Filling Her Shoes: A Memoir Of An Inherited Family. Betsy entered the picture just a few years after her stepson's mom died of Leukemia



Hear this powerful testimony of forgiveness given by Rob Corbin before the congregation of Temple Beth Shalom in Sun City, Arizona.

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