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Do You Know Railroads (Not Government) Created Time Zones?

Do you know that all of China runs on just a single time zone? In America, we have four: Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern. But we used to have thousands!


My Drug Dealers Staged An Intervention for Me

The story that you haven't heard about MyPillow founder Mike Lindell.....his parents' divorce that changed everything, his addictions that tried to mask the pain, and his incredible faith journey that's brought him through it all!


The Kids Who Remade "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"

Why did a bunch of kids in Mississippi remake this 80's classic film scene-by-scene in what has been called the best fan-film ever made? They were just kids having fun.


The Shel Silverstein Story: From "The Giving Tree" to "A Boy Named Sue"

We all know Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree," but did you know he wrote some of the most famous American country songs? This is one unforgetable story!


Indians, Nature, And A Bear: Jedediah Smith, Stuff Of Legend

Just decades following the signing of the U.S. Constitution in 1787, trailblazers called “mountain men” headed west. These adventurers gave rise to new American heroes…and new enemies. But these struggles and battles will forge the American character that will transform a colony into a country. Jedediah Smith is one of the few legends who made this transformation possible.

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