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I Was Lucky Enough....To Have NOTHING?!?

That's what David Wilson says about his childhood. A remarkable story of an Iowa farm boy becoming the 13th largest car dealer in the country! ‚Äč


Technology and Music: Autotune vs. Imperfection

The best musicians and producers (past and present) give their take on the autotuning debate and the attempt to "fix" vocal imperfections.


IBM Helps Kids to Graduate Debt-Free and Make Double the Median Income

Imagine a no-cost degree program complete with mentorships/internships that led to well-paid careers.... Well that’s exactly what IBM CEO Ginni Rometty wants more of our states’ governors to partner on with her.


When A Professor Confronts Students And Their Hook-Up Culture...

Kerry Cronin is a philosophy professor at Boston College. She is known on campus as "The Love Doctor." You will see why when she addresses the Tinder/hook-up culture.


The Snowboard King: How Jake Burton Created An Industry, A Culture, And An Olympic Sport

This is the story of Jake Burton Carpenter, the man who grew an American sport that became a world-wide phenomenon.

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