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Final Thoughts: Bill Armstrong

Our tribute, featuring the tributes of others, to a great statesman and a great man of faith, the late Colorado Senator and President of Colorado Christian University Bill Armstrong.


Debating At 300 Words Per Minute!

Daniel Kruger takes us into the world of Lincoln-Douglas high school debates, where students argue the big questions at the pace of cattle auctioneers.


Hear the History of West Point from Two Soldier/Professors

The United States Military Academy at West Point was established on This Day in History in 1802. We spend the hour with Colonel Ty Seidule, head of West Point’s History Department, and Lieutenant Colonel Sean Sculley, who runs the American History program.


Want to Destroy a Room to Relieve Your Stress?

Hear about a business where people can come and destroy things in order to release pent up anger. 


Unions Physically Threatened Him...Then They Threatened His Company

The incredible founding story of America's #1 sausage company: Johnsonville Sausage.

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