Our American Stories


Two Men vs. A City

Delta snipers MSG Gary Gordon and SFC Randy Shughart are inserted into the middle of a mob trying to kill a downed American flight crew.... Hear the letter Gordon’s widow wrote to their children, aged 6 and 3, about why daddy’s hard choice was the right choice.


Story of a Song, Story of a Fallen Son: "I Drive Your Truck"

We take a look at Lee Brice's Billboard #1 hit that tells the true story of a father who still drives his fallen son's truck.


The Catholic Priest Who Earned a Medal of Honor

Hear the story of Father Vincent Capodanno, “The Grunt Chaplain,” who earned our nation’s highest decoration for valor in Vietnam.


Memorial Day In Washington D.C.

Listen to the sounds of remembrance in our nation's capital, from our very own Hillsdale College Interns.


Mr. Rogers’ Advice To College Grads

The beloved Fred Rogers speaks to the Dartmouth Class of 2002. 

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