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I Wanted to Create An Inner-City School That I Would Send My Own Son To

J.C. Huizenga has lived the American Dream and is now fighting for every kid in this country to have the same opportunity.


John Jacob Astor: America's 1st Multimillionaire (b. 1864)

You know the name Astor. Probably the IV because of his fateful death on the Titanic. But John Jacob Astor's incredible story puts the rest of his infamous family member's in perspective. On this day in 1864 Astor was born.


The Snowboard King: How Jake Burton Created An Industry, A Culture, And An Olympic Sport

This is the story of Jake Burton Carpenter, the man who grew an American sport that became a world-wide phenomenon.


"I HAD Wanted To Be A Marine. Now, I Wanted To Be Home"

Bob McLalan brings us inside one of his very first (unsettling) days as a Marine. The McLalan Files continue! ‚Äč


The UFO Crash at Roswell

Hear eyewitnes accounts of what has become an American legend of epic proportions.

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