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Freedom Is The Exception

We wrap up our week-long celebration of the U.S. Constitution with Chuck Stetson, who shares stories from throughout history and the modern world showing that freedom is not normal. Check out their great educational materials at ConstitutionCurriculum.org and ask your local schools to teach our kids about the U.S. Constitution!


YETI: How 2 Bros Turned a $300 Cooler Into a $450 Million Cult Brand

The backstory of YETI coolers is about how the founders’ father was instrumental in their development through the love of outdoor sports.


The Snowboard King: How Jake Burton Created An Industry, A Culture, And An Olympic Sport

This is the story of Jake Burton Carpenter, the man who grew an American sport that became a world-wide phenomenon.


Tony Dungy: First Black Coach to Win a Super Bowl… What Makes Him Tick?

Hear the Hall of Famer’s story in his own words.


Burning Question: Why Are Ears Shaped This Way?

This week's "burning question" from the Wall Street Journal's Heidi Mitchell is asking and answering the question about the shape of our ears.

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