Our American Stories


Nobody Believed Us...We Discovered 30-40 Billion Barrels of Oil!

Oilman Jim Henry's wild adventures, which are continuing...well into his 80s!


Black Bart: America’s Most Successful And Notorious Gentleman Bandit

Black Bart was the most successful highwayman in American history. From 1875 to 1883 he preyed on stagecoaches, robbing 29 of them. One of the great Old West detectives James Hume was put on the case!


“Yes, We Really Do Want to Have a Fifth Child”

Mark Oppenheimer and his wife get some funny looks when they tell people that. He joins us to share some stories of his joyous and exciting family life.


America's Favorite Stapler

Hear how writer/director Mike Judge created the most famous stapler for the movie Office Space, that almost never was.


She's The Daughter Of Chick-fil-A's Founder, But That's Not Who She REALLY IS

Trudy Cathy White on identity and climbing the mountains of life.

OAS Alexa Skill


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