Our American Stories


The Million Dollar Quartet

By sheer coincidence, December 4, 1956, became one of the landmark days in American musical history. This is the story of that fortuitous day.


The Lost Wallet And Stolen Mustang Stories

This is the hilarious story of the lost wallet told by Nate Scott, and Lee Habeeb tells the story of his stolen Mustang.


How Rick Rubin Resurrected The Career of Johnny Cash

This is the story of a loving friendship between the young record producer Rick Rubin and the aging rock legend, Johnny Cash.


Nobody Believed Us...We Discovered 30-40 Billion Barrels of Oil!

Oilman Jim Henry's wild adventures, which are continuing...well into his 80s!


"One Marine, One Town, One Family"

The story of Midland, Texas and how this unique town rallied behind the family of Marine Corps 2nd Lt. Patrick Wayland​ in their time of crisis.

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