The Woman Who's Revolutionizing the Trucking Industry

In the third episode of The Founders, Doug Reiter brings us the story of Beth Potratz, a woman who helped transform the role of Human Resources within companies and went on to innovate the trucking industry.


The Gloriumptious Roald Dahl: Hero, Inventor, Fighter Pilot, Spy... Children's Author

Roald Dahl was a single-minded adventurer and an eternal child who gave us the iconic Willy Wonka and Matilda Wormwood. Here’s the story of one of the greatest authors and eccentric characters of the modern age, whose work still delights millions around the world today.


The MOH Recipient Who Crashed His Plane On Purpose To Get To His Downed Wingman

The Navy commissioned its newest destroyer and named it after a man who deliberately crash-landed a perfectly good aircraft behind enemy lines. But the man who became the first American serviceman in the Korean War to receive the Medal of Honor—and the man who lent his name to the USS Thomas Hudner had a darn good reason, perhaps the best of reasons.