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Lee Habeeb, Host of Our American Stories

Lee Habeeb — Host of Our American Stories, and CEO

Lee was born in Soprano's country - northern NJ. After college, he spent some time in and out of acting school in NYC, more time in law school at the University of Virginia - but never practiced.

He loves music, sports, non-fiction, old and new TV classics, and his adopted home of Oxford, Mississippi.

He does admit that from time to time, he still feels a bit like Joe Pesci in "My Cousin Vinny." His wife Valerie, a native born Mississippian, daughter Reagan, (who loves riding her horse Winglet and playing practical jokes on her dad) - and 4 pugs - keep him busy. And entertained.

Alex Cortes

Alex Cortes — Vice President of Content Development

Alex hails from the Chicago area, where everyone "has a guy" for about everything. A Catholic, UVA grad, husband and father of two little girls, he abandoned a political life for another calling with just a tad more sanity to it---storytelling about the true and beautiful.

He loves a good cigar and whiskey, and would enjoy a writer's life alongside both, but his wife knows better than to allow it. So in their absence he tries his best to write and curate stories as the Vice President of Content Development at Our American Network.

Jesse Edwards

Jesse Edwards — Executive Producer, Wry Observer In-House of Jessie's World

Jesse is a home-schooled libertarian family man with over 20 years of experience in the radio industry. When he's not producing radio shows he is writing music, playing guitar, hiking with his family, painting, target shooting, and exploring the countryside.

His goals in life are to create world class radio programming, to travel the world and eventually live in Hawaii with his family.

Greg Hengler

Greg Hengler — Producer

Greg grew up in WI and MN. He played hockey through college and was a very serious cyclist competing against the likes of Lance Armstrong. He got kicked out of his first two colleges because he chose to spend his time in the weight room rather than the classroom.

After attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC and becoming a member of the National Shakespeare Co. in NY, he moved to Los Angeles with 8 of his acting friends from MN who were picked up by the same manager and talent agent, Endeavor. (BTW: Two of the eight became movie stars: Josh Hartnett and Amy Adams.)

Greg decided to go back to college and got a BA and MA in History with his focus in Communism. Greg then worked in the radio industry for ten years and became a successful video editor.

Meanwhile, he trained under UFC Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten for three years and then became an avid CrossFit lover. Greg loves his wife and four girls but most of all, Jesus.

Stan Dai

Stan Dai — Producer

Stan is the company cook and mechanic, who moonlights telling stories about history, engineering, psychology… anything that starts with "Hey, I wonder why…"

His dream is to one day be able to explain why throw pillows exist.

John Woods

John Woods — Producer

John loves forging new paths. Though a native of Memphis, Tennessee, he went to a small liberal arts school in far away South Carolina. After two years and in search of a new path, he moved back to the Mid-South and the home of the Rebels: Ole Miss.
He tried different political and business ventures, but much like Edison and his light bulb, John learned different ways not to be successful. He currently attends Law School at the University of Memphis. Always looking to create new opportunities, John co-founded a faith-based, neighborhood-based non-profit to serve the poorest, at-risk communities in Memphis.

Not content to merely let his body be a vehicle for his over-developed bald head, he also proudly serves as an infantry officer in the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment of the Tennessee National Guard.

When most fathers sat their sons down to watch SEC football (the only kind there is), John's father (a recovering Arkansas newsman) sat him down to watch 60 Minutes, NBC nightly news, and Fox News, and to listen to NPR, Rush Limbaugh, and Shawn Hannity.

So began a lifelong vocation for politics and the media. His other passions are travelling (checked off are El Salvador, Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Caymans, Bermuda, Egypt, and Israel), cooking (read: eating), exercising, enjoying the smoky draw from a good cigar, and searching for the next new path.

John M. Stofer

John M. Stofer — Donor Affiliate Director, Contributing Writer

Growing up in Houston, John only left for four short years to attend the University of Texas at Austin. After graduation in 2000 from the McCombs School of Business, he promptly returned home to begin his career as a financial analyst for Continental Airlines, which was cut short due to 9/11. Not disillusioned, John quickly found a new opportunity at Westside Lexus, where he successfully learned the art of sales by building lasting relationships via his salesman role.

After winning numerous sales awards, and realizing he liked his Saturdays in the fall for Longhorn football, John used his entrepreneurial intuition and left Lexus to start a commercial real estate firm. Over a decade later, John sold his firm and is now heartedly pursuing his lifelong passion: storytelling and talk radio. He is one of the newest members to the APR team, traveling between Oxford and Houston as necessary.

Fred Hadra

Fred Hadra — Newsletter and List Management Guru

Fred is Yankee-born but Southern by culinary preference, making him right at home in Atlanta, Georgia. Educated at Hillsdale College, his young career has spanned marketing across many media types, real estate and finance, non-profit work, and even some sales.

His favorite non-work activities are many and varied, but usually involve good friends - including brand-new ones - and quality conversation. He is newly married, and is sometimes described by his lovely wife as an "affable contrarian," to which he would say "No, I'm not!"

Faith Garcia

Faith Garcia — Associate Producer, Field Reporter

Faith was homeschooled all the way until college. She studied at University of California San Diego after transferring from a local community college. Working in radio was always a dream, but she never thought that dream would become reality. Faith loves being outside, reading, staying active and drinking too much coffee.

Jim Glassman

Jim Glassman — Chief Health Editor

Jim can't seem to hold a job. He started in journalism by launching an alternative newspaper in New Orleans, then moved back to his hometown of Washington, DC, where he was an editor, a publisher, and host of three TV series on PBS and CNN. Next, he decided to see the other side of the story, joining the government as head of U.S. international broadcasting (Voice of America, etc) and then as the head strategic communications guy at State. But he's still a journalist at heart -- that is, a mile wide and an inch deep.

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