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The True Story Behind Our Halloween Traditions

Americans are expected to spend over $9-billion dollars this year on Halloween, making it the second biggest commercial holiday—behind only Christmas. Today we are going to bring to light the stories that have been hiding in the dark. Answering the question: Why do we do these strange things every Halloween?


The $300 Million Builder Who Gave Away His Company

For our “Faith in Action” series, John Houston’s radical life story.


The Man Who Adopted 3,000 People

Harris Rosen grew up in a "bad neighborhood," was fired three times, built a hotel by doing almost every job, and created one of the most powerful anti-poverty programs in America.


“What I’m Gonna Tell You Is Gonna Make You Cry”

Retired US Navy Captain Mike McDaniel takes us back to when he was just a 3rd grade boy, about to learn that his dad was shot down on his 81st combat mission over Vietnam. In Mike’s words: “Perhaps it will show folks there is life after and it all adds to who you become and are!”


What Makes A Good Boss?

Kim Scott is the author of Radical Candor and a CEO coach. Here she shares her story on how she came to learn what it took to be a good manager.

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