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After 50 Years of Silence, Korean War Pilot Shares His Top-Secret Mission

Between the Korean and the Vietnam Wars, U.S. Navy Captain Royce Williams flew over 220 missions. The following story was classified as Top Secret, and for more than 50 years Captain Williams didn’t tell a soul—not even his wife. Nobody knew what this 27-year-old South Dakotan did that day over the skies of Korea—until now. 


He Made A Wood Bat For His Son, And It Accidentally Overtook Louisville Slugger!

The incredible life story of Jack Marucci.


The Great Jerry Maguire Pyramid

Every few thousand years an idea comes along that causes a generation to pause and take notice. Jesse Edwards talks with the man who owns over 14,000 copies of this VHS cassette.


From Battlefield to Business

In this episode of Ditch Digger CEO with Gary Rabine, Gary brings us the story of France Hoang, a Vietnamese refuge who after serving in the US military became a successful entrepreneur. 


The Mauricio Ferrazza Halftime Story

Hear from Mauricio Ferrazza about his journey from working the Latin Grammy's and being invited to VIP parties to establishing an all accepting animation and video game design program at Miami Dade Community College in Florida.

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