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My Business Failure Allowed Me to Reconnect With My Father

Alden Olmsted dropped out of college to pursue his dream of creating his own company, Homestead Bikes. While the company would ultimately fold, its failure allowed him to reconnect with his father. Learn more about Alden's story and his documentary 30 Bikes HERE.


Bob McLalan: Thoughts Among the Graves

In this episode of the McLalan Files, Bob reflects on the lessons he learned and passed on to his kids by simply walking through the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Francisco.


Joe Moglia: The Former TD Ameritrade CEO-Turned Intern At Nebraska Football

Joe Moglia has one of the most unique stories in this great country.


The Declaration of Independence

Our production team comes together to read the document that made America, well, America.


New Citizens, Breathing New Life...Into America! (4th of July)

We went to Memphis to attend a naturalization ceremony where 70 immigrants from 30 countries became Americans! These are some of their incredible stories.

OAS Alexa Skill


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