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Playing Video Games Paid For My College

Damon Cox's upbringing brought poverty and abandonment. Yet, he has chosen to respond to his circumstances with hard work and determination no matter the task. With relentless training, Damon made video gaming a very lucrative, full-time job.


The Golden Gate Bridge

At a total cost of 35 million dollars the construction of the Golden gate Bridge as told by the men who built it.


DNA Test Changes A Family

This is the story of how a DNA test exposed decades of family secrets.


History Guy: That Time Pepsi Had the 6th Largest Navy in the World

The History Guy remembers rubles, cola and a kitchen that changed history. It is a forgotten moment during the Cold War that deserves to be remembered.


You've Never Been to a Coffee Shop Like This!

Hear Lee talk with the founder of Bitty and Beau's coffee, a coffee shop that employs people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

OAS Alexa Skill


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