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The House That Was Built By Gum

William Wrigley, Jr. was a brilliant businessman, but his ingenuity was out shined by his love for his wife. This is the story of how he made his fortune and then spent it on the one he loved.


How Windmills Won the West

That old windmill on the side of the highway might be fun to look at, but without it, the great westward expansion would have been nearly impossible.


Centerline: The Surprising History of Lane Markings

When it comes to the various bits of infrastructure that help keep us safe while we drive, most likely the greatest cost-and-simplicity to benefit ratio has to be painted lane lines on roads. For more stories of forgotten history, please subscribe to The History Guy's YouTube Channel, The History Guy: History Deserves to be Remembered.


From Battlefield to Business

In this episode of Ditch Digger CEO with Gary Rabine, Gary brings us the story of France Hoang, a Vietnamese refuge who after serving in the US military became a successful entrepreneur. 


Blind Music Store Owner Sees the Power of Prayer

Ron Lakey of Oxford, Mississippi, shares heartwarming memories of a life filled with joy, adventure, pain, and success.

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