Jack Marucci To His Son: You're Not Going to Be A Baseball Player, So Be A Better Person

For our "On Leadership" series, we hear extraordinary life lessons from LSU's Director of Athletic Training and the founder of Marucci Sports (the #1 bat seller in MLB). 


Nancy Kelsey: California's 1st Female Pioneer Arrives Barefoot and Pregnant and Becomes "Betsy Ross of CA"

When the lure of a new life on the farthest edge of the frontier beckoned to Ben Kelsey, Nancy was determined to be at her husband’s side. Together they braved hunger, disaster, illness, betrayal, and death. Nancy Kelsey and her family would play a crucial role in California and American history, becoming the first wave of a great tide that would transform a nation. Purchase Nancy Kelsey Comes Over the Mountain by Nancy Leek and An Ordinary Woman by Cecelia Holland.


Students Don’t Grade Themselves, so Why Do the Police?

Michael Bell wondered why after only 48 hours following a child's death, the case had been decided. His confusion eventually led to a change in police policy across Wisconsin.